The King Solomon Seals activation application

the king solomon seals are particulary powerful tools
that enable channeling and connection to the super me.
guidance as well as specific treatment for any matter
that afflicts treatment for any matter that afflicts a person.
their function is direct and relevant to the difficulities, problems and questions
we encounter.
the seals of solomon
help to rectify and heal problems
in all areas of life.

♦ health
♦ livleihood
♦ realationships/marriage
♦ raising children and education
♦ sucsses and abundance
♦ grace and kindness
♦ protection and safeguarding
♦ legal disputes
♦ quarrels and conflicts with enemies
and more.

the relevant seal to treat a specific problem can be chosen ituitively or directly.
the seals provide insights and answers which are incredibly accurate,
and help significantly for healing, or changing a life path, while releasing blockages and neutralizing both physical and spiritual disorders.

commonly asked qestions:

is prior knowledge requierd to activate the seals?
⇒ there is no need fo prior knowledge because the relevent
frequencies that will be applied to a person or place are already
embedded in the seals.

is it dangerous to activate the seals? may i be harmed?
⇒ the king solomon seals are intended for spiritual growth and
tranforming your life for the better.

how long does it take to see results following the activation of the seals?
⇒ Instantly. But in order to bring about a substantial and significant
change over time, daily activation is required for a period of 21-40 days.